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On the basis of the opinions and advice by the best fighters in Bulgaria and not only, we have created boxing gloves, tested more than three years. Made by high-quality calf leather, the camouflage boxing gloves offer to you an extraordinary comfort they guarantee excellent combat

Boxing gloves-pink, for women

performance and long-term endurance.

The four layers of foam, which deliver to you the best level of protection is an additional advantage, because of its flexible density, and also secure absorbing the energy of each punch. From the point of the punch towards the whole surface of sharing the generated vibrations, your hands are protected.

The anatomic construction allows natural movement and keeps the articulation of the hand from the wrist to the fist in an optimal position. Thanks to this support, the boxing gloves provide improved clenching of your fist for more energy in the punch. The perforated surface of the thumb additionally supports the internal lining to bring breathing, so you can feel comfortable the whole time.

- Exclusive calf leather providing a classic finish with long-term endurance.
- The four layers for distribution of the energy during the pick zone of the punches
- With multi-dense foam for providing maximal absorption of the punches and protection
- A classic design with ties
- Double reinforced seams for extraordinary persistence
- A micro-perforated panel of the thumb for improved ventilation
- A lining taking the sweat away, protecting you from a development of bacteria and increases the life of this model boxing gloves
- Wide and strong adhesive strap which delivers a perfect, correct position of the wrist: Avoiding injuries at this part of the hand

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