Kubrat Pulev will be boxing on the territory of California again!

The good news came after the State Sports Commission overturned its ban at today’s meeting with a full majority! The California Sports Commission lifted Kubrat Pulev’s ban on boxing in the state. The Bulgarian can return to the ring in California when he decides.

Kubrat walked into the courtroom, accompanied by lawyer John Worth and manager Ivaylo Gotsev.

This happened at a meeting at which Cobra answered a few questions from committee members. Pulev was invited to speak English without a translator. He was followed by Jennifer Ravallo, along with his colleague Gloria Allred.

Kubrat answers short questions.

“I made a mistake I’m sorry. I apologized repeatedly to Jennifer Ravallo. I’m doing it again. I realized I made a mistake right after the kiss.” Shared the Cobra, which passed a sexual assault course on the recommendation of the California State Commission.

After Pulev, Jennifer Ravallo and famed sexual abuse lawyer Gloria Allred spoke. They read lengthy pre-written statements and tried to persuade the commission to punish not only Pulev but also his promoter Bob Arum.

Raval explained once again that she was in a difficult emotional state after the kiss and that, as a child of a single Filipino mother, she found Pulev’s act absolutely inadmissible and crossed all boundaries between a man and a woman. The Commission did not ask her any further questions. Attorney Olred sharply went to the jurors who disregarded her complaint against promoter Bob Arum a month ago, who publicly criticized her and called the journalist’s behavior “frivolous.” Arum has been one of the most influential promoters in the pro-box world for the last several decades, accusing Raval of publicly pursuing and seeking intimacy with Kubrat. However, with a full unanimous 6-0 vote, members of the Sports Commission declined to lift Cobra’s ban on boxing in California. In the next such charge of Pulev, his license will be revoked for the state in question.