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Who are Tervel and Kubrat Pulev?


They are two brothers part of the boxing family Pulev. Their father, Venko Pulev, was pronounced Bulgarian heavyweight boxer from the 1950’s. Their fathers’ dream was one day to have sons who to become boxing champions, and to inherit him in the thought sport.
After 5 daughters, Venko Pulev was awarded for his stubbornness and became father of two sons who today people know as Kubrat Pulev and Tervel Pulev.

Pulev brothers, well known in the boxing sport for mostly one quarter of decade, have gained popularity everywhere in the world. European champion for amateurs and prestigious possessor of belts (EBU, IBF), Kubrat Pulev is shining among his competitors. He has had many fights for the World Title. He owns three medals from Olympic Championships, an Olympic bronze medalists himself, owner of many honors from the amateur prize ring. Tervel Pulev is speeding up on professional level too. He is winning fights and climbing up the rankings fast. Tervel owns European Boxing Union title.

/ The Brand

During 2013 Pulev brothers created the brand PULEV Sport


The brand main produce are tools and items for the martial arts. The same way as they do in other areas of business, both brothers put their passion and their heart in this initiative, striving to create something unique.

For more then two years before the first drop they tested the products making sure the quality is high. During the creation process they worked together with other martial arts practitioners and professional competitors, with the simple goal of finding the best formula for the production.

With the standards set high they want to make sure their products are acceible for broad range of people. No matter the age diapason or being female or male, their products fit everyone – from the yongest to the oldest. Amateurs or professionals, the products will suit. Knowing the secrets of the martial arts and the necessities being a boxer, Pulev brothers are aware of what it means to be comfortable during activity. They put their experience and knowledge into their work making the equipment durable and safe. The products themselves appear in the middle market range but nothing gets compromised in terms of workmanship and quality, compare to the well known world brands.